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By Billy Johnson

Top-10 Epic losses from r/wallstreetbets

I bet that in the past couple of years someone has recommended that you should invest in Game Stop shares or start options trading. I also bet that you’ve read about teenagers or farmers or delivery drivers who made millions on Robin Hood. Maybe you’ve even been tempted to dip your toes in the investment pools.

But the fact is this: if you don’t know anything about investing, it can be risky. Like gambling. And we all know who wins when you gamble.

Or we should know.

This is what happens if you forget about that.

10. What happened to your uncle who told you that he’s investing during thanksgiving dinner?

Investing screenshot

Do you know what call options are? Well, neither does your uncle.

And if you’re thinking about where he gets this shit from, this is the type of advice he receives after posting this:

Reddit comment investment

9. I can just hear the beep of the flatline

Flatline screenshot


He didn’t only lose all his money, he owes the app $4K! Well, should only be about 7 years until he gets to enjoy peace again:

Reddit comment flatline

8. BABA shares need to go up to 243 for this dude to break even. They were at 172

Shares screenshot

Ali Baba share price peaked at over $300 per share in late 2020. By the end of July 2021, the share price dipped below $200 and has not reached that level again. The guy bought call options thinking the price would start going up, but the decline has continued and today Ali Baba shares are worth around 80 bucks each.

Reddit comment shares

7. Balls deep on TLRY/APHA FDs - -$18K in one day

FDS screenshot

Sweet Jesus these people. I don’t know what TLRY/APHA FDs are but sure as shit neither does the investor.

And the community support is unwavering. This dude is waiting for safe times after his penny stock investment hits big. He didn’t watch The Wolf of Wall Street?

Reddit comment FDS

6. Two bad bets, $200K in losses

Loss screenshot

These bets boggle the minds of even the most hardened r/wallstreetbet patrons.

Reddit comment loss 1
Reddit comment loss 2

This reminds me of an economist joke:

A bunch of investment bankers ask an economics professor why he isn’t rich if he’s so smart. He asks them why they aren’t smart if they are so rich.

5. This dude found out how to buy call options and lost $90 in one day

Loss day screenshot

Here’s a tip that works for online gambling too: try it with play money first, please.

4. Why shouldn’t you bet on an airline during the pandemic?

Pandemic screenshot

Ok, so I don’t know you, but I guess you’re not a financial advisor, right? But still, let’s see if you could do better than this dude (and I’d be ready to bet it’s a dude). Imagine there’s a pandemic that stops international travel and causes a ton of frequent fliers to work on their kitchen table. Would you, under the circumstances, invest in airline stocks?

Yeah, probably not.

Reddit comment pandemic

3. Over $303K in Margin debts due to $SPX calls/puts in a week

Calls screenshot

Remember the flatline investor who dug a hole $4K deep? Look at this guy.

Well, I’m guessing this is worth going to court for, but at least he doesn’t need to hide for 7 years.

2. From $450 to 0 at 19 years old

19 years old schreenshot

This dude is 19. How would you have handled that at 19?

1. $10M loss with Game Stop

GameStop screenshot

The post is from January 28th, 2021. This guy was still holding, he still had $7M more on his GME position at $196 per share at the time of posting. Today GME shares go for $89.